Canada is an officially bilingual country, which means that it has two official languages: French and English.  

If you are a government worker, entrepreneur, artist, teacher, student, or from any walk of life, and you want to bring your French skills to the next level in a creative and fun way, we are here to help you.

We created this program to help you develop your French skills while being creative and having fun. 

The program’s focus is to provide you with some practical techniques and tools, which will help you build your confidence for French presentations and conversations.

20H to speak and write French in creative and fun way

French Slam poetry training program: 20-hour program to help you speak and write French

20h program to help you speak and write French 

With this intensive workshop program, you will use our creative and fun methods to learn to speak and write French in only 20 hours. 

We teach and coach individuals and groups on how to use French Slam Poetry to overcome their personal and professional challenges in French speaking, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary.


Starting February 5th until April 9th 

(20hours, $300)  

Day: Tuesday : 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Yearly registration: $ 25

For booking information contact: